Perfect Fit Equine Rescue - We are a small, up and coming rescue that works primarily with our local animal shelter to help rehome abandoned and seized horses.

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An exciting milestone!

Laura's recap of the last 3 years:

In March of 2010 I signed up for a training competion designed to help train and re-home rescue horses. And i will admit, i was in it for the bragging rights and cash prize, it was just an added bonus to help a rescue... But as i started the process of the 70 day competition my eyes were opened to just how many horses are in need. Once i finished, i knew i needed to continue this journey and see where it was going to take me. For more details regarding the competition please see my old blog here: Remember, start at the beginning!

2010: After the competition I started emailing local rescues to see if they needed any training help. i received one horse as a training project. I also fostered two horses from the animal shelter. 
Horses: Nevy(Nevada), Midge, Shadow, Ella, Lilly.

2011: Took in 3 training projects for rescues, and fostered a couple more shelter horses. We also ended up taking 5 owner surrender horses that year.
Horses: Mya, Sterling, Mac, Lanie, Red, Jack, Bella, Dixie, Rosie, Jasmine.

2012: We started working more directly with the shelter, and did not take any other training projects or owner surrenders, We also started the process of applying for our 501©3 status.
Horses: Chandler, Rio, Austen, Barney, Belle, George, Naomi, Ruth, Pete.

2013: As of May we are a fully official 501©3 rescue and working almost solely with the animal shelter and city of MH.
Horses(so far): Nacona, Beau, Napoleon, Bogie, Maverick, and...

that is 29 horses! Want to know more about any of the horses? post their name in the comments and i will share their story.

And now i would like to introduce you to our 30th horse! We will be naming him Thirty, which may sound like a very silly name, but we are giving it with honor. He represents the 29 horse before him who received a second chance at a good life. We will hopefully be picking him up from the animal shelter tomorrow, Oct 9th. 

Now, we will be having a special "$30 for Thirty" fundraiser for his sponsorship fee!

10 people contributing $30: $300 - over a month of care!
30 people contributing $30: $900 - over 3 months of care!
100 people contributing $30: - that is 15 months of care! 
496(our followers) people contributing $30: -$14,880 - WOW!

Can you spare $30 to support Thirty?
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