Perfect Fit Equine Rescue - FAQS
Perfect Fit Equine Rescue - We are a small, up and coming rescue that works primarily with our local animal shelter to help rehome abandoned and seized horses.
Frequently Asked Questions.
If you do not see the answer to your question below, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to get back to you.

  • Where are you located/ do you own the facility?

PFER operates and board our horses at Hensley Ranch in Morgan Hill(2000 Barrett Ave - no drop ins). It is a family owned ranch which offers boarding. The number of horses on the property ranges from 20-25, and PFER usually accounts for 3-4 of them. 

  • Do you have any "kid friendly, sound, trail safe, 7 year old QH geldings?"

We wish!  If i had a nickel for every time someone came to us looking for “the perfect horse”(which of course are "kid friendly, sound, trail safe, 7 year old QH geldings”) then our whole rescue could be funded.  Now, I am kidding about the perfect horse, but truthfully?  Most of the time the rescue horses that we care for have special needs, limitations, health restrictions, or baggage.  They are still fantastic horses, but they usually aren’t your “average” horse.  Each horse is unique, and our job here is to find both their perfect match, and yours.  So if you are looking for “the perfect horse”, we don’t have it. But if you are looking for YOUR perfect horse, and want that special bond that comes from opening your heart to a rescue horse, then lets talk.

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